Sensitive Categories & Auto Blockings

ConnectAd supports for greater coverage of sensitive categories, an extension of the standard IAB Advertiser categories.

You can work with sensitive categories mentioned below by setting the required parameters using our advanced bidding-rules. 

Sensitive Categories

  • Alcohol

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Fashion & Beauty

  • Gambling

  • Health

  • Illegal Drugs

  • Law, Government & Politics

  • Marijuana

  • News and Media

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Religion

  • Tabacco

  • Weight Los

  • Offensive Ads

  • Sexually Explicit Ads

  • Auto-Play Sound

  • In-Banner Video

Auto-Blocked Categories

The following categories are automatically blocked by ConnectAd systemwide:

  • Security concerns

  • Browser-Locking

  • JavaScript Alert on Landing-Page Entry

  • Mobile Vibrating Landing-Page

  • Page Auto-Scroll

  • Popup that covers the User's current window

Please note that these Filters are two-level filters - Pre-Auction and Post-Auction (scanned in realtime during delivery by our 3rd party verification vendors). There might be a blank space instead of a creative if one of our 3rd party vendors detect a malicious creative that wasn't filtered by us in the Pre-Auction phase.