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About ads.txt

The mission of ads.txt is simple and totally aligned with our business values - increase transparency and brand-safety in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. This initiative allows you to publicly indicate the companies authorized to sell your digital inventory. By creating a public record of Authorised Digital Sellers, ads.txt gives you control over your inventory in the market and helps prevent counterfeiting across the ecosystem. When you adopt ads.txt, buyers can more easily identify the Authorised Digital Sellers and have confidence that they are buying authentic publisher inventory.

Create ads.txt File

Your ads.txt file should be posted on your root domain and not on subdomains (eg

The file should contain a non-empty set of records, separated by line breaks. The records consist of a set of lines in the form of:

<Field #1>, <Field #2>, <Field #3>, <Field #4>
Example:, , DIRECT, 85ac85a30c93b3e5

You can find more ads.txt information right here:

❗️<Field #1> (required)

The domain name of the SSP, exchange, header wrapper, etc. system that bidders connect to. This field is mandatory.

❗️<Field #2> (required)

The identifier associated with the seller or reseller account within the advertising system in field #1. It must contain the same value used in transactions (such as OpenRTB bid requests) in the field specified by the SSP/exchange.

❗️<Field #3> (required)


A value of 'DIRECT' indicates that you (content owner) directly control the account indicated in field #2 on the system of field #1. This typically means a direct business contract between you and the advertising system.

A value of 'RESELLER' indicates that you have authorized another entity to control the account indicated in field #2 and resell your ad space via the system in field #1. This field should be treated as case-insensitive when interpreting the data.

📘<Field #4> (NOT required)

An ID that uniquely identifies the advertising system within a certification authority (this ID maps to the entity listed in field #1). A current certification authority is the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), and the TAGID would be included here.

ConnectAd Records

To set up your ConnectAd ads.txt records properly please navigate to our Dashboard -> Inventory Management -> Website Management. You can find the required records right in the "ads.txt Records" Section. Just copy all records, place it in your ads.txt file and you're ready to go

❗️ConnectAd requires correct ads.txt records

Please pay attention while integrating our records. A misconfiguration or missing ads.txt records, in general, could lead to revenue losses and deactivation of your placements.

You can use the same IDs on multiple sites. Please ask your ConnectAd Account Manager for assistance.