Will this solution affect my page load time?

No. ConnectAd uses a lightweight script, loaded asynchronous, which will not impact page load performance. Furthermore, you can customize your timeout window as required.

Is the header bidding asynchronous methodology safe?

Yes. ConnectAd's solution is designed to optimize your monetization, while reliably preventing poor user experiences.

What happens if no ads are available for a page?

ConnectAd's header bidding solution detects when there are no eligible ads for a page. In that case, it will not return a bid. This safeguard minimizes processing power and bandwidth usage.

Do I need to implement header bidding on my entire site?

No. You fully control how to implement this solution on your pages.

Can I have more than one Demand-Partner integrated with my Header-Bidding setup?

Sure thing! You can add additional Demand-Partner without touch your AdOps settings. But please keep in mind that you shouldn't add more than 5 Partners to ensure good user experience.

Does ConnectAd support synchronous ad server tags?

PreBid.org does not support synchronous ad server tags. However, ConnectAd builds its own synchronous Header-Bidding solution designed for nearly every ad-server-system that can process parameter-targeting. Please contact our support team to find the right solution for your integration.

Does ConnectAd support secure (HTTPS) pages?

We detect if we're served into a secure page environment and respond appropriately. In other words, you shouldn’t have to do anything other than making sure your own page loads the Header-Bidding script securely